TH Triple Heater (Warmer) Meridian

Consult your doctor before using acupressure, as you would with any new treatment.

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    Acupressure Points - TH - Triple Heater or Triple Warmer -- on Hand

    TH Hand acupressure points TH-1

    (Note: TH-1, TH-2 and TH-3 are used for same conditions, TH-3 most often used)

    Location: .1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail on the ulnar side of the ring finger.

    TCM acupressure: ear problems of any origin such as excess tinnitus. Distal point for temporal headaches, shoulder pain or upper back pain, pain or inflammation in the throat. Eye diseases with GB 37 (lower leg). 

    Acupressure Points - TH -2  - Triple Heater -- on Hand


    Location: (.5 cun) proximal to the margin of the web between the ring and the little fingers, in a depression when fist is clenched at the border of the red and white skin.

    TCM acupressure: Similar to TH-1. 

    Acupressure Points - TH-3  - Triple Heater -- on Hand


    Location: With fist clenched on dorsum of the hand between the 4th and 5th metacarpal bones in a depression proximal to the 4th Metacarpalphalangeal joint.

    TCM acupressure: Similar to TH-1 and TH-2. TH-3 is most often used.  

    Acupressure Points - TH-4  - Triple Heater -- on Hand


    Location: On transverse crease of dorsum of wrist in a depression on the ulnar side of the extensor digitorum communis tendon.

    TCM acupressure: Used for wrist issues such as strains, sprains or subluxations. Regulates water metabolism, used for wasting & thirsting disorders, and alleviates dry mouth or thirst.  

    Acupressure Points - TH-4  - Triple Heater -- on Hand

    (or TW-5)

    Location: 2 cun above TH 4 between the radius and the ulna on the TH 4 - TH 10 line

    TCM acupressure: Decrease finger, wrist, arm and headache pain.

    Used to relieve arm fatigue during fencing and stiffness of the shoulder muscles during swimming

    See Study: Acupuncture points, used for stimulation to improve the sports' performance in top modern pentathlon athlete

    Acupressure Points of the Hand Triple Heater and Triple Warmer Acupuncture Point


    This acupressure information is not a substitution for qualified medical advice or treatment. If you don't know what is causing your pain or other symptoms, consult a medical doctor before begin to treat yourself.
  • Never press on an open wound, swollen or inflamed skin, a bruise, surgery scar, varicose vein, or broken bone.
  • Avoid acupressure or consult your physician if you have a contagious disease, an infectious skin disease, or a serious heart, kidney, or lung disorder.
  • Avoid acupressure in the area of a known tumor.
  • Acupressure should not be applied directly over the lymph nodes.
  • Certain acupressure points must be avoided during pregnancy. Always consult a physician first.

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