Cun - Meaning and Measurement

Cun Measurement Information for TCM and Acupressure Gauging Dimensions

The measure "cun" (tzun - pronounced closer to 'zun') is sometimes thought of in English as an "inch" in English. However, in dealing with acupuncture and acupressure, cun is a relative term. Each person has different body dimensions; the measurement of cun is defined for each person as it relates to that individual's body proportions and size.
Tzun - center thumb measurement
Cun - measurement of thumb breadth
Tzun - center finger measurement
Cun - measurement of middle finger
  • One cun = width of the thumb, in the middle, at the crease
  • One cun = the distance between the distal and proximal inter-phalangeal joints of the 3rd (middle) finger
  • One and 1/2 cun (1.5) = width of the two forefingers
  • Three cun = combined breadth of the four fingers, at the level of the pinky finger's first joint above the palm of the hand
  • Twelve cun = the distance from the elbow crease to the wrist crease.

    Cun - acupressure distance gauge

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