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Powerful Negative Ions PLUS NEW Acupressure Device
Users report improved intellectual and physical focus while wearing
The UNIQUE - Negative Ion AND Acupressure Chi Focus Band

With its negative ions and an acupressure device that can be used to stimulate pressure points on the wrist and hand, this innovative power band combines the ancient beliefs of Eastern Medicine with discoveries of cutting-edge scientific theory.

Based on the ancient Eastern theories of optimizing the body's natural energy flow, the Chi Band, with its negative ions, is designed to work with and respond to the natural energy field (Chi or Qi) of the body.

The stylish 100% Surgical Grade Silicone wristband / negative ion bracelet can go everywhere with you and easily expands to slip over your hand. Do not play games with your health. Use pressure points and positive imaging.

Why does the Terminatrix wear a Chi Band

Why DOES the Terminatrix Wear a Chi Band?

Because it "works great for ... "


Students and academicians report increased focus and attention during classes and periods of analysis while wearing the Chi Focus Band and with use of the SI-5 Acupressure point.

Athletes, including professional athletes, report increased energy, stamina, and performance while wearing the Chi Focus Band.
Without Chi Focus Band
Student focusing
With Chi Focus Band
Individuals suffering from nausea, including motion-sickness induced nausea, state that their symptoms are reduced when wearing a Chi Focus Band after activating the PC-6 Acupressure point. Medical Research

Users state that they experience increased feelings of calm and diminished nervousness with use of the PC-7 and LI-4 Acupressure points. Chi Focus Band wearers describe sensations of general mood improvement, when activating the LU-7 and LU-9 Acupressure points.


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Acupressure and Negative Ion Power and Focus Band

Three colors - Chi Focus Power Wristband Colors:
Black, White with black, White with Pink
Sizes available:
  • Small: 6.9 inches or 17.5 cm
  • Medium: 7.5 inches or 19 cm
  • Large: 8.1 inches or 20.5

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    Acuppressure Wristband

    Not just a simple power or balance band but the negative ion, powerful and unique Chi Band also provides an acupressure tool.
    Read more about acupressure points, the benefits of negative ions, focus and Chi Band use instructions >>>
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  • Acupressure Points - MAP
    Acupressure Points Map of Hand
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    Acupressure Tool

    Acupressure Information

    Acupressure Point Map

    Acupressure Points
    Reference map of hand and wrist acupressure points.

    Recommendations from Chi Focus Band users.
    Negative Ions

    Negative Ions
    The POSITIVE effect of negative ions.
    No games. Just facts.
    Instructions for wristband use

    Package insert with usage diagrams and instructions is included with each Chi Focus Band

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    Unique, patent-pending acupressure and negative ion wristband

    Chi Focus Power Wristbands with negative ions - new gift and health idea as users consistently report higher energy levels and focusing capabilities -- get into the Zone -- buy this negative ion bracelet online today!

    Chi Focus Bands negative ion band does not make any claims regarding the combination of elements of negative ions and acupressure use nor of the the concentration of negative ions, only that these elements and features used may assist with various circumstances. Chi Focus Band products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All Products carry a 30 day Guarantee.